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David Lee Rubin, Principal

Editorial, Advisory, and Instructional Services for Authors — Confidentiality Assured

Whether considering submissions or preparing accepted manuscripts for press, many book and journal editors skimp on… editing — especially for logic as well as clarity, concision, and connectedness of organization. As a result, texts needing moderate attention may receive only scattered, superficial fixes — or none at all.

Yet readers — notably book reviewers, outside assessors for promotion, and critical bibliographers — rarely miss (or fail to point out!) flaws of thought or organization.

Of equal concern are manuscripts which require major revision of argument or presentation. These may be rejected outright by overworked acquisitions staff, leaving the author in the lurch, often when time is short.

Clearly, it makes sense to seek and act on sound advice before submitting the manuscript.

What are the options? Colleagues may be helpful on disciplinary issues, but most do not have the editorial skills a problematic manuscript may need. “Writing coaches” certainly offer moral support as well as day-to-day work strategies, regardless of subject matter; and non-academic editors know their way around non-technical prose, but may be at a loss with advanced scholarly writing or the popularizations of disciplinary research.

What this situation calls for is the keen editorial eye of an established professional—precisely what Fox Hill Editorial offers.

Author of several well-received university-press books, FHE Principal David Lee Rubin understands the writer's situation and concerns. Editor or co-editor of several critical collections, founding editor of two widely cited journals and an influential book series, as well as director of a respected press, he also knows what “gate keepers” expect.

Moreover, Rubin is a seasoned university teacher of logical pragmatics, and a long-time mentor to fellowship applicants in various fields. He has directed eight Ph.D. dissertations as first books; most were published with minimum revision soon after defense. In addition, he has helped numerous colleagues find, approach, and negotiate with American and British publishers, both academic and commercial.

While FHE cannot guarantee success, it can substantially reduce certain classic risks and increase the chances of publication followed by a positive reception.

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Payment methods: bank card; check or money order in US or Canadian dollars, Euros, or Sterling.